Planning Proposal, 18/2015/2 – Hydro Kurri Kurri

Submissions closed on 1 February 2021, 5:00PM

Aerial image of the land included in the Hydro Planning Proposla

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A major rezoning proposal seeks to develop land within the vicinity of Kurri Kurri and Hart Road interchanges on the Hunter Expressway.

The proposed development involves the reestablishment of employment at the former Hydro Aluminium smelter site, creation of future housing opportunities on surrounding land and improved transport connectivity between Kurri Kurri and Maitland.

The objective of the Planning Proposal is to amend the Cessnock Local Environmental Plan 2011 (CLEP 2011) to rezone land at Hart Road Loxford, Cessnock Road Cliftleigh & Bowditch Avenue Loxford (the former Norsk Hydro Aluminium Smelter and surrounding lands) from RU2 to B1, B5, IN1, IN3, R2, RE1 and SP2 (in part), to reduce the minimum lot size from 40Ha to 450m2 (in part) and to identify the site as an urban release area.

A summary of the proposed amendment is provided in the table below.  

Land owner 

Hydro Aluminium Kurri Kurri P/L
South Maitland Railway

Subject land

Lots 10-12 & 14-22 DP 1082569, Lot 16 DP 1082775, Lots 2-3 DP 233125, Lot 3 DP 456769, Lots 1-2 DP 502196, Lot 10 DP 553542, Lot 1 DP 589169, Lots 2-3 DP 62332, Lot 1 DP 71130, Lots 318-319, 411-418, 420-224, 427-429, 434-439, 447-449, 451, 453-454, 456, 458-463, 536, 682 & 769 DP 755231, Lot 1 DP 998540, Lot 1 DP: 937613, Lots 16-17 DP 1102156, Lot 1 DP: 998275, Lot 5 DP 62332

Property address  Bowditch and Hart Road, Loxford and Cessnock Road, Cliftleigh
Land size Approximately 329 hectares 
Zone (current) 

RU2 – Rural Landscape
E2 – Environmental Conservation

Zone (proposed)

IN3 – Heavy Industrial
IN1 – General Industrial
B1 – Neighbourhood Centre
B5 – Business Development
R2 – Low Density Residential
RE1 – Public Recreation
SP2 – Special Purpose Infrastructure
E2 – Environmental Conservation

Applicable minimum lot size

R2 Low Density Residential – 450m2.
There is no minimum lot size applicable to the B1, B5, IN1, IN3, RE1 and SP2 zones. The 40ha minimum lot size for these areas to be removed. 

Map amendments

LZN Maps 008, 009A and 009AA amended to identify the proposed zones.
LSZ Maps 008 and 009A amended to amend the minimum lot size for the residential portion of land to 450m2.
URA Maps 008 and 009 amended to identify the subject land as an urban release area.



Gateway Determination

On 1 December 2020 the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment issued a Gateway Determination enabling Council to place the Planning Proposal, 18/2015/2 – Hydro Kurri Kurri Planning Proposal on exhibition for a minimum of 28 days.  This is consistent with Council’s resolution to proceed with this Planning Proposal at its Ordinary Meeting held 18 November 2020.

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