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Social Media

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Social Media Community Guidelines


1.1. Council reserves the right to remove posts or comments from any of its Social Media Presences that are deemed to be unfit or inappropriate. This includes any posts or comments that:

1.1.1. Contain profanities or offensive language; or inappropriate content, including content that is not appropriate for all ages.

1.1.2. Contain personal attacks, threats, blatant misinformation or defamation. 

1.1.3. Contain discriminatory content on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability.

1.1.4. Contain information that infringes on another individual’s privacy including posts that make specific mention of individuals including Council Officials.

1.1.5. Contain spam this includes repeatedly posting or sending the same communication.

1.1.6. Contain confidential material about Council or individual.

1.2. Council reserve the right to remove access rights to any persons whose posts or comments are in violation of these guidelines. Posters that repeatedly disregard the guidelines may be removed and have restricted access to any/all of Council’s Social Media Presences. 

1.3. Any posts or comments in breach of these guidelines may be referred to relevant agencies.


2.1. Not all communication to Council on social media will be responded to by Council. Where it is deemed a response is required, posts will responded to as soon as practicable 

2.2. Social media will generally not be used for logging and responding to complaints and service requests. Comments, and direct messages through social media are not considered formal correspondence. A community member or any person communicating on a Council Social Media Presence may be directed to a formal communication channel. These channels include Council’s Customer Service team, emailing Council or lodging an online customer service request via Council’s website.


3.1. Any links to external websites, applications and/or information provided on Council’s online platforms, including social media accounts, are provided as courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by Council of the content or condition or views of the linked materials. Any advertisement that may appear when viewing our accounts is not endorsed by Council, nor are we directly affiliated with the advertisement unless stated otherwise. The act of Council "liking" or "following" or "sharing information" from an organisation, business, group, individual person, location, app or event through social media does not indicate that Council endorses the products, views, activities or services relating to the "liked" or "followed" or "shared" entity, individual, business or group.