Doing business with Council

We are a big customer when it comes to business and love to buy locally! 

To take the confusion out of the procurement process, we have created Doing Business with Council,(PDF, 8MB) a guide that gives you all the information your need about being a Council supplier.

Our procurement process

We advertise our quotations and tenders on VendorPanel and Tenderlink. To access our tenders and submit your quotes, you must register your company.

Register on VendorPanel Register on Tenderlink

These systems speed up the procurement process and reduce costs for us and our suppliers. They capture your business information and allow us to provide open and transparent processes.


How much does it cost?

Registration is free for VendorPanel, with no costs for signing up, receiving notifications or submitting quotes.

There is a cost associated with Tenderlink, contact Tenderlink on 1800 233 533 for more information. 

How can I obtain the tender documentation?

Once registered as a supplier, you'll be able to download and view the documentation electronically. You'll also receive email notifications of any new requests we publish. 

How can I obtain more information?

If you have questions, you can ask them through the forum on the online system.

How do I make a submission?

Upload your submission into the online system before the advertised closing date.

Our procurement values

We are committed to ethical business practices and expect the people we deal with to have the same ethical behaviour. 

  1. Value for money
    Obtaining the best quality and value for the price.

  2. Open and fair competition

    All prospective suppliers will be treated fairly in an open and transparent manner with the same access to information about the engagement.

  3. Accountability
    A clear framework and process lines of responsibility and accountability with all relevant transactions documented.

  4. Risk management
    Recognising risk and developing strategies to deal with the risk.

  5. Probity and transparency
    Conducting business in an honest and principled manner, demonstrating the highest levels of integrity consistent with the public interest.

Register of government contracts

In accordance with the requirements of Section 27 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, we're required to maintain a register that records information about each government contract. 

Contracts that must be included in the register are those between Council and a private sector contractor which has (or is likely to have) a value of $150,000 or more. 

The register involves:

  • the contractor undertaking a specific project
  • the contractor agreeing to provide specific goods and services
  • the transfer of real property or
  • the rent payable for the term of the lease.

Employment contracts don't need to be included in the register. 

Browse our current contracts register or contact us and ask to speak with our GIPA Officer for more information. 

Complaints and fraud 

If you are not satisfied with an outcome regarding business you've done with Council, you can make a complaint here.

If you believe a Council official is engaging in wrongdoing, you are encouraged to let us know. Visit our Fraud and corruption prevention page for more information.