Councillors are elected by residents of the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) every four years to represent the interests of the community. Our LGA is divided into four areas called ‘Wards’ and each ward has three Councillors to represent the people within these areas.

Click on each Councillor's name below to find out more about them.

Bob Pynsent


  • Telephone02 4993 4100
  • ProfileCouncillor Bob Pynsent believes his role as Mayor is to build a better community for groups of all ages and backgrounds.

Paul Dunn

Councillor - Ward A

  • Telephone0408 679 927
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Paul Dunn believes that rate payers come first and foremost and aims to represent them and their opinions.

Mark Lyons

Councillor - Ward A

  • Telephone0417 083 073
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Mark Lyons' priorities are improvements that meet the needs of our rapidly growing population.

Ian Olsen

Councillor - Ward B

  • Telephone0408 333 583
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Ian Olsen is passionate about improving local roads and making sure our LGA has developments that add to the quality of life.

Jay Suvaal

Deputy Mayor, Councillor - Ward B

  • Telephone0417 126 211
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Jay Suvaal wants to encourage more jobs in the Cessnock region so locals can remain local.

John Fagg

Councillor - Ward C

  • Telephone0409 254 894
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor John Fagg is focussed on keeping the Cessnock Local Government Area in a strong position in the broader Hunter Region.

Anne Sander

Councillor - Ward C

  • Telephone0408 970 625
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Anne Sander is committed to improving the experience of all residents and visitors in the Cessnock Local Government Area.

Darrin Gray

Councillor - Ward D

  • Telephone0409 548 374
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Darrin Gray is committed to the economic, social and environmental sustainability for our future generations.

Rod Doherty

Councillor - Ward D

  • Telephone0409 632 786
  • Email
  • ProfileCouncillor Rod Doherty has a keen interest in economic development activities and believes in providing employment opportunities.