Biosecurity weeds management

A weed is a plant that is growing in an area where it is not wanted.

Weeds compete with native plants and can be poisonous to people and animals.

Some weeds are controlled by the Biosecurity Act 2015 due to their detrimental impact on human health, agriculture and our environment. 

What do Council do about weeds?

Council’s Weeds Biosecurity Unit provides the following weed management services:

  • Weed identification, management and eradication
  • Safe storage, transport and handling of pesticides
  • Weed control on Council land and vacant Council managed Crown Land
  • Property inspections of private, business, commercial and government premises
  • Provisions of quotations and operational works to manage weeds 

Council also:

  • Works with the community, other council's and government agencies to coordinate effective weed management
  • Participates actively in the Hunter Regional Weeds Committee.

The Cessnock Pesticide Use Notification Plan(PDF, 1MB) sets out how we notify the community of pesticide applications conducted by Council. The treatment of weeds follows an annual treatment program.(PDF, 20KB)