Integrated planning and reporting

The integrated planning and reporting framework is an interconnected set of documents that allows us to sustainably plan for the future of our local government area.

Diagram of the integrated planning and reporting framework

Community Strategic Plan (10 year plan)

The Community Strategic Plan is the highest level plan that a council will prepare. The purpose of the plan is to identify the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and to identify strategies for achieving these goals. A Community Strategic Plan must cover a minimum time frame of 10 years.

Community Strategic Plan 2027(PDF, 1MB)

Delivery Program (4 year plan)

The Delivery Program is a statement of how Council aims to achieve the outcomes developed by the community in the Community Strategic Plan. It is adopted for a four year period to coincide with the local government elections.

At the end of the Council term (4 years), progress is reviewed and reported to the community in the End-of-Term Report. 

Our next End-of-Term Report will be published before the NSW Local Government elections of September 2020. 

Delivery Program 2017-2021(PDF, 1MB)

Part two: Resourcing Strategy

The delivery program provides a vehicle to achieve long-term community aspirations. However, these cannot be achieved without sufficient resources (time,money, assets and people) to actually carry them out. The resourcing strategy forms part two of the delivery program and consists of three components:

  • long term financial plan
  • workforce management plan
  • asset management plan

Resourcing Strategy 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan is a one year plan developed to implement the operational activities that will achieve the strategic directions set out in the four year Delivery Program and longer term vision of the Community Strategic Plan. It spells out the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken each year. 

The yearly Operational Plan is enclosed in the Delivery Program the year it gets revised (every 4 years). Otherwise, the Operational Plan is a stand-alone document developed each year.

Operational Plan 2021-2022(PDF, 9MB)

Previous years:

End of Term Report

The End of Term report is presented at the final meeting prior to the local government elections. The report details the progress that the outgoing Council has made towards implementing the community strategic plan during its term (4 years).

End of Term Report 2017-2021(PDF, 4MB)

The State of the Environment report sits alongside the End of Term report. It reports on the environmental measures identified in the Community Strategic Plan and identifies major environmental impacts and trends in the local area.

State of the Environment Report 2016(PDF, 15MB)

Annual Report

Each year, Council reports on its implementation of the delivery program and operational plan in its Annual Report.

The Cessnock City Annual Report is Council’s report to the community and stakeholders on its performance and achievements against the targets set out in its Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget. The annual report is one of the key points of accountability between a council and its community.

Annual Report 2020-2021

Previous years

Annual Report 2019-2020(PDF, 7MB)

Annual Report 2018-2019(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Report 2017-2018(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Report 2016-2017(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report 2015-2016(PDF, 4MB)

Annual Report 2014-2015(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report 2013-2014(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Report 2012-2013(PDF, 18MB)

Annual Report 2011-2012(PDF, 11MB)

Annual Report 2010-2011(PDF, 974KB)

Annual Report 2009-2010(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Report 2007-2008(PDF, 1MB)

Annual Report 2006-2007(PDF, 3MB)