Filming in Cessnock LGA

Why Cessnock? 

The Hunter is home to some of the finest and most diverse cinematic locations Australia has to offer and the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) has a diverse range of rural scenery, picturesque natural backdrops, beautiful vineyards, and an array of country roads, interesting architecture and country towns and villages.

We can provide the perfect backdrop for your feature film, television series, advert or commercial, or overall production.

Filming licence 

You need a filming licence from Cessnock City Council for filming when you intend to film on community land such as roads, parks, community buildings and footpaths for filming that is commercial in nature.

A filming licence is required to ensure the applicant has the appropriate insurances to film, is conducting the filming in a safe manner that does not place the public at risk and the appropriate Council staff are informed of the filming activities.

Filming means

Recording images (whether on film or videotape or electronically or by other means) for exhibition or broadcast (such as by cinema, television or the Internet or by other means), but does not include:

  • still photography, or
  • video recording of a wedding ceremony or other private celebration or event principally for the purpose of making a record for the participants in the ceremony, celebration or event, or
  • recording for the immediate purposes of a television program that provides information by way of current affairs or daily news.

Other considerations

Depending on the scale and location of your production there may be other considerations such as:

  • traffic control or road closures,
  • technical surveys,
  • unmanned aerial vehicle or drone documentation, and
  • police approvals

To enquire about filming within the Cessnock LGA, please contact the Economic Development team on (02) 4993 6720 or via

Fees and charges

Every filming application is subject to the Filming Activities on Public Land (LGA 1993, S114 – 119F) application fee.

Please note: Filming Activities on Public Land application fee is non-refundable if you do not proceed to filming after an application has been submitted.

The Filming Activities (Roads Act 1993) fee is applicable for Filming activities on public roads, road reserves or footpaths and other fees may be applicable if you intend to hire public halls or Council facilities.

Film applications

All film productions to occur within the Cessnock LGA should undertake a recce of the film site prior to submitting a filming application. To complete the Filming Activities Application Form you will need to attach the following:

  • Filming location plan (including any required traffic management and parking arrangements),
  • A current Public Liability Insurance Certificate for a minimum of $20 million that is valid for the film shooting dates, and
  • Drone documentation (if required).

Road closures requires a minimum of 14 days public notification, therefore applications must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the planned shoot date. All film licences requiring Traffic Control/Management Plans that impact a public road will need to lodge a separate Roads Act 1993 application with Council’s Traffic Team. If applicable Council Traffic approval is required before a film licence can be granted. In addition to filming permission, your production may require further supporting licences or approvals.

Once you have read and understand the above information please complete our online application form to apply.