Environment Protection Licence

Cessnock Waste Management Centre operates in accordance with an Environment Protection Licence, administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority. The licence requires Cessnock City Council to have a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan and perform certain environmental monitoring to ensure the landfill is having minimal impact on the environment.

What is monitored?

Both ground and surface water is monitored. Any rain water that percolates through the landfill is collected and contained in a leachate pond which is tested quarterly. The ground water is tested to ensure that leachate is not migrating into surrounding ground water systems. Find details of the landfill and corresponding monitoring bores and sample points in the site (JPG, 279KB)map.(PDF, 4MB)

Reporting requirement

Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Amendment Act 2011, Licensees are required to publish pollution monitoring data that has been collected as a result of a licence condition. This obligation applies to monitoring conducted after 31 March 2010.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Licensees are required to prepare and implement a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan for each licensed activity, in accordance with the requirements set out in Part 5.7A of the Protection Of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Have a look at our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.