Illegal dumping and littering

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the depositing of waste larger than litter onto land or into water. Illegal dumping varies from small bags of rubbish in an urban environment to larger scale dumping of waste materials in isolated areas such as bushland. 

The Hunter/Central Coast Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) squad works in our region to combat illegal dumping. For more information, please visit Regional Illegal Dumping Squad.

Reporting Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping should be reported immediately. If you suspect someone is illegally dumping, please report it here or on 131 555.

When making your report, please include information such as a description of the person, the time of day and registration and make and model of the car. 

Fines apply for illegal dumping.

Other ways you can help

Besides reporting illegal dumping, there are a few things you can do to help combat the problem: 

  • When someone disposes of waste on your behalf, always get proof of disposal such as tip dockets from your contractor. It is important to know that if a contractor illegally dumps your waste, you are also liable.
  • Take your waste to the right place, such as the Cessnock Waste Management Centre.
  • Know what is being brought onto your land. Free fill is rarely clean fill. 

Illegal Dumping on Charities 

If you see anyone dumping on a charity, report it.


Littering is an offence. The single most common litter item in Australia is the cigarette butt making up half of the litter in NSW.

You can be fined if you commit a littering offence. If you see litter being discarded or blown from a vehicle you can report this to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) either:

  • by phoning 131 555
  • through the EPA website
  • through the EPA mobile app

Adopt-a-Road Program

The Cessnock Adopt-a-Road program is both an educational and practical environmental initiative which increases community awareness of the damaging effect roadside litter has on the local environment and community image.

Local companies and community groups are encouraged to ‘adopt’ sections of roadside and pledge to keep the roadside clean for a nominated period of time. Large signs are erected to acknowledge the efforts of ‘adopters’ and to remind others that littering is not an acceptable practice.

To be involved in the program please e-mail

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March each year. More information is available from Clean up Australia.