Roadside grazing

Livestock on roads

Livestock can walk and graze on roadside vegetation if:

  • not left to roam unattended
  • the stretch of road where the grazing takes place is sign-posted (at each end)

A temporary roadside grazing permit is required. 

Roadside grazing permits

Temporary roadside grazing permits are issued by Local Land Services, upon approval of Cessnock City Council.

Roadside Grazing Approval Application Form

When applying for a permit, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • evidence of a public liability insurance policy indemnifying Council
  • details about the livestock (type and number)
  • the proposed grazing dates and location (including a map)

Permits are approved, with conditions, in accordance with our Temporary Roadside Grazing Permits Policy.(PDF, 84KB)

Once you've obtained approval from Council, you need to contact the Hunter Local Land Services Office to apply for your permit. Permit fees may vary from region to region. 

Roadside grazing without a permit poses a safety risk for stock and motorists, and may damage the environment. Fines apply for unpermitted grazing.