Size and load limits

Load limits on bridges

For the safety of road users, and to preserve the structure of bridges and culverts in the City of Cessnock, structures are inspected regularly.

Load capacity assessments are carried out to provide a more detailed assessment of structural components or identify the need for load limits to be imposed.

Tonnage restrictions currently apply for bridges:



Load Limit

Hunter Street bridge Hunter Street, Greta 3 tonnes

Anvil Creek bridge

Nelson Street,

Single Axle: 7 tonnes
Tandem Axle: 13 tonnes
Tri-Axle: 16 tonnes

Gillies bridge
(Wilderness Road #2)

Wilderness Road,

25 tonnes

Henderson Avenue bridge

Henderson Avenue,

14 tonnes

Kline Street bridge

Kline Street,

6 tonnes

Westcott Street bridge

Westcott Street,

12 tonnes

Doyle Street bridge

Doyle Street,

10 tonnes

Ferguson Street bridge

Ferguson Street,

15 tonnes

Bathurst Street bridge

Bathurst Street,

7.5 tonnes

Yango Creek bridge

Yango Creek Road,

12 tonnes

Over size over mass requirements

You need a permit if your vehicle exceeds the dimension or mass limits allowed on the road network. The type of permit required depends on your vehicle class and the jurisdiction in which you're travelling. 

The National Heavy Vehicule Regulator issue permits for oversize and overmass vehicles.

Drivers must consult the notices before they travel and be aware of the requirements and conditions applying to their journey.

Find the permit you need.

It's an offence to operate at a higher configuration than nominated, and fines apply.

Heavy vehicle licence

You need a license to drive a heavy vehicle.

Visit RMS website for more information on licence classes.

Heavy vehicle inspection

Heavy vehicles must be inspected to be registered in NSW.

Visit RMS website for more information on heavy vehicle inspections.

Heavy vehicle registration

There are specific registration requirements for heavy vehicles in NSW.

Visit RMS website for more information on heavy vehicle registration.