Kurri Kurri Town Centre Upgrade

  • Project typeTown Centre Upgrade
  • Project scheduleDesign: Mar 2020 - September 2022; Construction: September 2022 to June 2024
Image from the Kurri Kurri CBD Funding Announcement back in 2018

The Kurri Kurri Town Centre Upgrade involves a $5.6 million upgrade of the Kurri Kurri CBD and is aimed at enhancing the overall town centre. The project is primarily funded by NSW Government Recourses for Regions Program, Round 6 with Cessnock City Council and Australian Governments, Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program also contributing to the project. 

The project is located on Lang Street, Kurri Between Alexandra Street and Merthyr Street.

Kurri Kurri Town Centre Upgrade forms part of Council's Operational Plan. You can find it within the Operational Plan with the Project ID CTK 2020 001 and and CTK 2021 001.


2022 works were complete on the 23 December 2022.

The Kurri Kurri Commercial Centre Upgrade project will address Stage 1 of Council’s Masterplan for Kurri Kurri, which was adopted on 21 March 2018. Stage 1 of the Kurri Kurri Masterplan relates to the upgrade of 900 metres of Lang Street, Kurri Kurri, between Alexander and Merthyr Streets. The Project includes the upgrade of the commercial centre public domain and includes street tree planting, landscaping, footpaths/ paving, pedestrian crossings, street furniture, lighting, line marking and signage. There will also be some minor pavement repairs and resurfacing.

2023 works

December 2023 Update

The construction delivery team have liaised with the local business owners to maximise store opening times during the construction of the works. This has lead to smaller staging & shorter work areas to be completed, extending the completion date.

This has moved the completion date to end of June 2024.


To minimise disruption and impact on businesses and residents. the project has been split into multiple sections.

Stage 1 from Alexandra Street to Allworth Street , scheduled to start 12/04/2023 and completion expected by 31/06/2024.

Stage 1 - Site Plans

Site Plan - Stage 1.4-1.png

Site Plan - Stage Kiss & Ride-1.png

Stage 2
from Victoria Street to Merthyr street Street , scheduled to start 22/05/2023 and completion expected by 1/06/2024

Stage 2 - Site Plan

Site Plan - Stage 1.1-1.png

Stage 3
from Hampden Street to Mitchell Avenue , scheduled to start 21/08/2023 and completion expected by 1/06/2024

Stage 3 - Site Plans

2023.09.12 _ Site Plan - Stage 1.2.jpg

Stage 4
involves road surface replacement and line marking of all stages. Scheduled to start 31/08/2023 and completion expected by 1/06/2024. To be completed as night works.


Where can I ask a question to the project team?

You can email infrastructure@council.nsw.gov.au at any time and someone from the project team will be in touch as soon as possible.

What will the key outcomes be once the project is finalised?

The Project will provide vital investment into the Centre’s amenity and key infrastructure and will assist in broadening and diversifying the existing economic base of Kurri Kurri and encourage a sustainable, prosperous and resilient economy into the future.

What is the total cost and how will it be funded?

The total cost is $5.6 million. 

Council has successfully secured funding under the NSW Government's Restart NSW Resources for Regions Fund for Stage 1 of the project to the value of $3,647,900. Council is contributing $520,000 to the project, Council has also successfully received $1,397,725 from Australian Governments LRCI program for minor road upgrades bringing the total funding to $5.6 million (rounded).

In addition to this Council are completing some works in the Col brown Rotary Park and has secured $480,189 from NSW Government's Restart NSW Resources for Regions Fund Round 7.

Council will continue to look for funding opportunities to progress the following stages of the masterplan.

Why has the project been delayed for so long?

Council acknowledges that there have been significant delays on the delivery of this project due to contractor availability, inadequate tenders, resourcing issues, delays in supplies due to COVID-19, and delays with the design of the project. Council understands this has been frustrating for the Kurri Kurri community and would like to reassure residents and businesses that there is a clear plan in place for delivering this project within the new timeframe.

How long will the construction take?

The total project site extends from Lang Street, Kurri Kurri to Alexandra Street to Merthyr Street. 

The remaining sections are nearing completion of detailed design. This will go out for tender in the coming months with construction likely to start early 2023. It is envisaged that the entire project will be completed by late 2023 however, this will be dependent on the contractor’s program.

Kurri Nostalgia Festival is expected to impact/delay the works.

Will the street be closed at any point?

The street will need to be closed at certain times throughout the project. We are working with residents and business owners to ensure impacts are minimised. We will maintain pedestrian access to businesses for the duration to the project. We will review each section and liaise with impacted business to determine the best way to proceed. If we are able to close the road in sections this will enable much quicker construction time.

Will the project affect local businesses in the CBD?

Businesses will remain open during the construction phase, and while there will be some disruption, Council will work closely with local business owners to ensure as little disruption as possible.

What does the work involve?

The Project includes the upgrade of the commercial centre public domain and includes street tree planting, landscaping, footpaths/ paving, pedestrian crossings, street furniture, lighting, line marking and signage.

Is the road being upgraded?

Full pavement upgrade does not form this scope of works. Council will complete some minor patching and resurfacing of wearing course (top layer).

What is the background of the project?

Kurri Kurri is experiencing rapid change due to the opening of the Hunter Expressway in 2014 and growth associated with development in the urban release areas to the north of the expressway. 

Council developed and adopted the Kurri Kurri Commerical Centre Masterplan in 2018. The masterplan will guide future public domain improvements in the commercial centres of both Kurri Kurri and Weston. The masterplan was developed in consultation with the community to meet their evolving needs.


Public Information

Lang Street Civil Design(PDF, 10MB)

Lang Street Landscape Design(PDF, 6MB)

Lang Street Traffic Plan(PDF, 365KB)

Commercial Centre Masterplan(PDF, 9MB)

Kurri Kurri District Strategy Project(PDF, 5MB)


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