Youth Engagement Strategy (YES)

The Cessnock City Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) identifies the aspirations of young people about to enter high school through to early adulthood who are living, working or studying in the Cessnock Local Government Area.

The YES outlines a four-year action plan which identifies 60 actions developed in response to feedback from over 650 community members. The actions cover the following themes:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Recreation
  • Education and employment
  • Community participation

The YES will guide Council in helping to meet the needs of local young people and contribute to making Cessnock a vibrant place of opportunity where all young people are supported to grow, learn, be safe, belong, work and contribute. 

Read the Cessnock City Youth Engagement Strategy (YES)

Cessnock Youth Ambassadors 2020-21 

Our Youth Ambassadors are a group of young people aged 12-18 who live, study and work across the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) who are committed instigators of positive change in their community. The Ambassadors are a group with a unique opportunity to influence and lead change, and to assist Council in understanding the needs of Cessnock young people. 

Our Ambassadors played a vital role in community engagement for the YES and will work in collaboration with Council’s Youth Service to assist and support the delivery of the YES actions plan.

Ambassador objectives

  • Provide young people aged 12–18 years with an opportunity to express their ideas and views, raise important youth issues, have fun, and create opportunities for young people to participate in a range of activities which support their interests and development
  • Give the wider community the opportunity to listen to young people and celebrate the positive contributions they make to our community
  • Raise community awareness on issues of concern to young people

Ambassador responsibilities

  • Provide a forum for consultation between Council and local young people throughout the LGA
  • Use their voice to have a say on issues important to them
  • Promote, support and assist in the planning and delivery of community events (such as Youth Week)
  • Provide feedback and input on community programs, workshops and events
  • Be a public spokesperson for youth issues across the community
  • Work in collaboration with Council’s Youth Service to assist and support youth initiatives (such as the Youth Engagement Strategy)