Mount View Road, Cessnock

  • Project typeRoad rehabilitation and water main relocation
  • Project value$4,000,000
  • Project scheduleConstruction May 2023 - May 2024


Cessnock City Council is undertaking a $4m rehabilitation of Mount View Road between Links Ave and Barrett Ave. Council has received funding from the Transport for NSW Fixing Local Roads program and Hunter Water to complete the project.

The existing pavement in the area is rapidly deteriorating and requires an urgent full pavement rehabilitation. The existing water main located within the pavement is nearing its useful life and requires upgrading and relocation to ensure future failure does not damage the newly constructed pavement.

Cessnock City Council have engaged local contractors Woodbury Civil to complete the works following the development of detailed over the past 12 months


Mount View Road between Links Avenue and Barrett Avenue.


Scope of works

Road rehabilitation and water main upgrade which will include the following:

  • Water main renewal
  • Full pavement upgrade
  • Additional drainage installation
  • Some kerb and guttering replacement
  • Shared footpath installation
  • New signage and line marking

Schedule of works

To minimise impact to residents and road users, works will be staged across several phases.

Phase 1:

Water main works: Scheduled to start 7 June, 2023, with completion expected by 11 September, 2023*. 

Phase 2:

Pavement works: Scheduled to start on 2 August, 2023, with completion expected by May, 2024. 

Please note the two phases will be further broken down into sections along the entire scope of works to minimise disruptions. These are indicative timeframes only and subject to change. Cessnock City Council and its contractors will provide regular updates to the community via our website as well as letter notifications and visitations to directly impacted residents.

*Note: this does not include the outage required to switch over to the new main. This is typically undertaken within one month of the completion date. Some drainage and other works required for water main installation will also be completed during this time.

View plans here(PDF, 26MB)

Community Consultation and Impact to Businesses

Council’s contractors will provide further updates to businesses and residents that will be directly impacted by the works before the commencement of each stage.

Council is confident that the proposed construction methodology will have the least impact on residents and will also allow for quick construction time to further minimise impact, however, it should be noted that works cannot be completed without any impact or disruption.

Council and Woodbury Civil look forward to liaising with businesses and residents directly impacted by these works and will factor in any special reasonable considerations if feasible.