Deaseys Road, Pokolbin

  • Project scheduleAugust to September 2022
  • Completion Date30 September 2022

Newly sealed Deasy's Road

Scope of works

The site encompasses 2,150 metres of Deaseys Road extending from an existing culvert to the LGA boundary with Singleton Council. Sections of the existing pavement exhibit various conditions of serviceability. The proposed scope addresses those sections exhibiting the greatest need of an upgrade. Stage 1 was completed in 2021 and Stage 2 is now underway.

This program is identified as RRL 2022 004 in Council's Delivery program.


The works are located on Deaseys Road, Pokolbin and extend East of the LGA boundary from 635m for about 200m and 1.15km east of the LGA boundary for about 200m.


The project has been funded by Cessnock City Council.