Bus Stop upgrades

  • Project typeInfrastructure upgrade
  • Project scheduleJun 2020 - May 2021
New bus stop on Kearsley Street, Aberdare

Council upgraded nine bus stops across the Cessnock Local Government Area. The project has four new bus stops installed and five upgrades to existing shelters. Completion of upgrades, new bus shelters and bus stops was delivered as scheduled in May 2021.

The upgrades have ensured better accessibility for residents of all abilities in the community, and the new bus stops have encouraged more people in our community to use public transport. 

Following investigation, a number of bus stops initially proposed for upgrade were found to be obsolete. In consultation with the community and major bus service operators, alternate sites with better accessibility and pathway connectivity were chosen.

New bus shelters installed

  • High Street, Greta
  • Mayne Street, North Rothbury 
  • Wollombi Road, Bellbird 
  • Richmond Street, Kitchener
  • Kearsley Street, Aberdare

Upgrades to existing bus shelters and bus stops

  • Millfield Road, Paxton 
  • Wollombi Road, Cessnock (2 sites)
  • Kearsley Road, Aberdare 
  • Wine Country Drive, North Rothbury

This project was part of the Country Passenger Transport Infrastructure Grants Scheme 2017-2019. Under this grant Transport for NSW contributed $50,000.