Overgrown properties

Not all property owners have the same standards when it comes to maintaining the external appearance of a building or a yard. What one feels is an overgrown or unsightly property may be acceptable to another.

What is an overgrown property?

A property may be considered overgrown if:

  • located in a residential zone
  • confirmed to be home to vermin likely to create unsafe or unhealthy conditions

Council will only investigate if the property is deemed to be in an unsafe or unhealthy condition.

Accumulation of items and unsightly properties are not deemed as overgrown.

What can you do?

  1. Talk to the property owner first. Most of them will be eager to address the matter if they are approached in a friendly manner. Property owner information may be obtained by lodging a formal GIPA request.

  2. Contact a Community Justice Centre if the problem persists. Their representatives are specialised in mediating issues between neighbours.

  3. If this doesn't resolve the problem, you can report an overgrown property to Cessnock City Council for assessment.

Fire hazard

If you see a potential fire hazard on a neighbouring property, contact: