Residential noise

To help manage neighbourhood noise, the State Government introduced time restrictions on noise from household equipment and vehicles.

NSW Police are best placed to respond to noise complaints after hours (parties and antisocial behaviour).

Commercial noise

Businesses have noise control measures as part of their development consent. Commercial noise includes:

  • localised concerts or sporting facilities
  • smaller factories, businesses
  • backyard workshops
  • construction sites

To enquire about a specific business, call our customer service team.

Noise management

Different organisations are responsible for the investigation of noise pollution. 

Cessnock City Council is responsible for the investigation of:

  • noise from barking dogs
  • residential noise that's frequent or ongoing

Other noise pollution must be reported to the organisation responsible for its regulation.

You can obtain the contacts for noise pollution on the NSW Environment Protection Authority website.

Noise Complaints 

Before making a noise complaint, you should:

  1. Talk to the person responsible for the noise
    They may not realise that something is bothering you. Explain how it's affecting you and try to find a solution together.

  2. Contact a Community Justice Centre (CJC) if the problem persists

    CJC specialises in settling differences between neighbours without entering into complicated legal processes. A CJC representative can meet with both parties to solve the problem. This process is free and has a high success rate.

Noise investigation by Council

Residents may be required to keep a diary to determine the noise frequency and its impact. 

We then seek to make the accused aware of your concerns and their responsibilities. Their response will determine whether we take further action. 

Residents that make a noise complaint to Council must be prepared to:

  • monitor and report on the issue over time
  • provide supportive evidence as requested
  • testify in a Court of Law

Our ability to intervene may otherwise be limited or result in no further action being taken.