Off leash areas

Cessnock City Council provides a number of dog off leash areas across the local government area. Off leash areas are designated public areas in which dog owners can exercise dogs without a leash. 

When using our off leash exercise areas: 

  • dogs must be supervised by a competent person (of or above the age of 16)
  • dogs must be controlled and return to the handler on command
  • dog owners/handlers must remove their dog faeces

The owner/handler is liable if the dog attacks or behaves in an aggressive manner. Restricted breed dogs or dogs that have been declared menacing or dangerous are not permitted in off leash areas. 

Your dog can exercise without a leash in the following places: 

  • Greta Central Park Leash Free Area, Greta
  • Hall Park Leash Free Area, Cessnock
  • Manning Park Leash Free Area, Cessnock
  • Miller Park Leash Free Area, Branxton
  • Stanford Merthyr Park Leash Free Area, Stanford Merthyr
  • Varty Park Leash Free Area, Weston