Lost and found animals

Pet gone missing?

Pets handed to us are listed on this page and kept at the RSPCA Rutherford. Owners should contact them on (02) 4939 1555 to arrange collection as soon as possible.

If you can't find your loved one on our list, it may have been handed to the RSPCA or the local vet. Please check with these organisations directly.

How long will my animal be held for?

Microchipped animals are held for 14 days before ownership is transferred to the RSPCA.

Non microchipped animals are held for seven days before ownership is transferred to the RSPCA.

After these periods, animals may be advertised for adoption by the RSPCA.

Will I need to pay a fee?

Yes, you will have to pay a release fee. Impound and sustenance fees are charged to recover some of the costs associated with the service. The fee depends on the amount of time your pet is impounded for. The sooner you pick up your animal, the less it costs.

All fees must be paid at the RSPCA prior to the release of the animal.

If your dog is impounded, including a working dog, registration fees must be paid prior to the release of the animal.

Lost & Found

(The list may take a few moments to appear. If nothing appears, no pet have been handed to us.)

Found a stray or lost pet?

  1. If you find a lost dog or cat wearing a collar or tag with identification, try contacting its owner first.
  2. If you cannot contact the owner, arrange for the animal to be collected by our Ranger team.
  3. You can also take the animal to an approved animal welfare organisation or your local vet.

Rangers are available during office hours, Monday to Saturday.
Phone: (02) 4993 4100

Further information on lost and found animals is available on the RSPCA website.

Hunter Wildlife Rescue (NATF Inc)

If you find a sick, injured or orphaned native animal in the Cessnock area, please call Hunter Wildlife Rescue on their 24 hour hotline 0418 628 483 or visit their website.