Septic inspection

OSSM approval inspection

We conduct inspections at crucial stages of the OSSM application process:

  • At the treatment system installation
  • At the external drainage installation
  • When the disposal area is created

Charges for these inspections are included in the application fees.

Routine inspections

We inspect existing systems to ensure they are safe and working properly. The frequency of these inspections is based on the risk level associated to your system.

You'll receive advanced notice of a routine inspection taking place on your property. Your attendance is not required.

Routine inspections however provide the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your system. An alternative day and time may be arranged if you're not available, but would like to be present.

We provide a report after each routine inspection. If issues are identified, the report will:

  • describe the problem.
  • identify the options available to fix the problem. You may need to consult a plumber, wastewater consultant or water authority for advice.
  • seek agreement on the action required.
  • establish a reasonable time frame to resolve the problem. Interim measures may be required to manage risks while repairs are being arranged.

We'll work with you to find a suitable solution and ask you to raise any concerns with our environmental health officer as early as possible.

Fees and charges

There are no fees for initial domestic and residential routine inspections.

Fees apply for commercial routine inspections, where re-inspection is required or when investigatory samples or testing is required.Inspection fees are calculated in accordance with Council's fees and charges.

New Application (inclusive of required inspections)

Payable on initial application.

Routine Domestic/Residential Site and System Inspection

No fee.

Routine Commercial Site and System Inspection

Invoiced after inspection is conducted.


Where re-inspection(s) are required, a fee is invoiced after the inspection.

Approval to Operate

Annual fee for all systems, included on the rates certificate.

Extraordinary Costs

On an as needed basis, invoiced after being conducted (e.g. investigatory samples, dye testing).