Plumbing and drainage

Plumbing and drainage works

Plumbing and drainage work relates to sewer drains and water pipes associated with a building. 

All plumbing and drainage work must be performed by a licenced plumber. You can search the NSW Fair Trading website for more information about whether a plumber has the required licences to undertake plumbing work.


The sanitary drains provide the means for wastewater (sewage) to be conveyed from the building into the sewer system or on-site sewage management system.


The water pipes convey drinking or non-drinking water to the building from a water supply such as the water mains, rainwater tank or approved alternative water supply.

Stormwater works

Stormwater work must be conducted by a licenced plumber.

Stormwater work associated with new building work requires inspection by a Principal Certifying Authority as part of the construction approval process.

Stormwater work is regulated under the Home Building Act 1989.


Cessnock City Council is the plumbing and drainage regulator for areas of the Cessnock Local Government Area that are not serviced by the Hunter Water Corporation (non-sewered) or serviced by an alternative water supply (such as Huntlee).

All areas serviced by Hunter Water remain the responsibility of NSW Fair Trading.  

Council may inspect non sewered residential development such as:

  • sanitary drainage (including sanitary plumbing) up to point of connection to the main or pressure sewer unit
  • water plumbing from the point of connection to the main or alternative water supply source to the fixtures within the building  
  • internal and external drainage
  • front run, rough in and final

Council doesn't inspect:

  • roof plumbing (such as downpipes, gutters, flashing)
  • gas plumbing
  • refrigerator plumbing
  • fire suppression systems (such as sprinkler systems in commercial buildings)
  • infrastructure owned and maintained by a network utility
  • exempt minor works (such as repairing/replacing taps and washers or showerheads)      
  • commercial or industrial development

Inspections in Huntlee

Inspections of commercial development within Huntlee are not required. However, the inspection documentation IS required, along with the payment of the administration and compliance checking fee. Fees are calculated in accordance with Council's Fees and Charges.

Inspections of residential development within Huntlee are required.


Bookings can be made by completing this online form or by contacting Council’s customer service team on 4993 4100. 

Plumbing and Drainage inspections must be booked by 3pm the day before the inspection. Please allow for at least two business days for the requirement documentation to be receipted and recorded on Council’s systems prior to scheduling an inspection.

Plumbing inspection documents

You must submit the required documentation before scheduling a plumbing and drainage inspection:

  • Notice of Work (NoW)
  • Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • Sewer Service Diagram (SSD)

Documents, forms and templates are available on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Once obtained, documentation can be provided to Council by:

Fax: (02) 4993 2500 
Mail: Cessnock City Council, PO Box 152, Cessnock NSW 2325
In person: Cessnock City Council, 
Administration Building, 62-78 Vincent Street, Cessnock NSW 2325

Please note: Council will not conduct an inspection without the required documentation and payment of the inspection fees. Fees are calculated in accordance with Council's Fees and ChargesAdditional fees are payable where a re-inspection is required, as a result of defective works.

All plumbing and drainage work must comply with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2011, the Plumbing Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.