Yango Creek Road Bridge

  • Project typeBridge replacement
  • Project scheduleDesign completion May 2022; Construction May to November 2022
Photo of existing Yango Creek Road Bridge


Council has resolved to replace Yango Creek Road Bridge at Wollombi. It provides an essential point of access for residents, visitors and tourists and is heavily relied on by local business for the transportation of cattle and equine, and for viticulture and agriculture operations.

The bridge is constructed of ageing timber beams and currently has a reduced load limit. In addition, it is overtopped during flood events which isolates the community. The final design will include an open load limit, a pedestrian path and have a life span of over 75 years.

This project forms part of Council's Operational Plan. You can find it within the Operational Plan with the Project ID CBS 2017 004.


Aerial map of Yango Creek Bridge location

Scope of works

The existing bridge will be replaced with a new concrete 2 lane bridge on approximately the same alignment and level as the existing bridge. A temporary bridge will be in place during the construction period. The existing bridge will be demolished and the new bridge construction undertaken. 

Features of the works include:

  • New road approaches
  • Fencing
  • Drainage
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Retaining structure
  • Pavements and pavement markings
  • Landscaping
  • Signage and lighting

Design and construction

June 2022 update

Construction has commenced on site for the replacement of the Yango Creek Road bridge.

There will be 4 – 6 weeks of preparation work prior to the demolition of the existing bridge. A temporary road and bridge will be installed adjacent to the existing bridge, and traffic diverted onto the new temporary bridge prior to removal of the existing. Traffic flow will be one-way only and will be controlled by traffic lights at each end. The timing and operation of the lights will be monitored to ensure appropriate traffic flow is achieved. Emergency services will also be notified of the new arrangements.

The project is expected to last approximately 5 months and completion is due by November 2022.

The figure below details the proposed temporary traffic arrangements:

Yango Creek Bridge - access and traffic during works.PNG


Council secured Federal Government funding in 2020 under the Bridges Renewal Program as well as the NSW Government’s Disaster Relief Funding for the replacement of the bridge and the road approaches.