South Cessnock Flood Mitigation Construction

  • Project typeFlood Mitigation Construction
  • Project value$5,955,000
  • Project scheduleOctober 2022 – mid 2023


At the 20 May 2020 Ordinary Council meeting, Council adopted the South Cessnock Flood Mitigation Scheme which includes:

  • earth bund wall
  • raising of Quarrybylong Street
  • diversion of Kearsley Creek channel
  • raising of up to five properties 

This project forms part of Council's Operational Plan. You can find it within the Operational Plan with the Project ID PMF-2022-006.


South Cessnock Flood Mitigation Scheme.png

Scope of works 

  • construction of a bund wall - running along the eastern side of the railway line parallel to Sixth Street, as well as associated drainage structures
  • levee / road raising - a small levee parallel to and across Quarrybylong Street, plus raising Quarrybylong Street near Edgeworth Street
  • channel diversion and widening - downstream from the junction of the Kearsley Channel and Oliver Street Channel, including demolition and realignment of part of the existing cycleway nearby, including removal and replacement of the existing pedestrian / cycleway bridge.


Detailed design underway and nearing completion end of April 2022.


$5,955,000 various grants and Council funds.