Bridges Hill Park to Wine Country Drive shared pathway

  • Project typeShared pathway construction
  • Project value$3.4 million
  • Project scheduleAugust 2022 to December 2024


The aim of the project is to improve pedestrian and cyclist connectivity between Bridges Hill Park in Cessnock and Wine Country Drive at Lomas Lane.  The shared path route takes in Manning Park and Drain Oval and it also provides safe pedestrian and cyclist connection between residential areas and schools at Nulkaba. This project is identified as CPW-2022-004 in Council’s Delivery Program.


The shared path commences on the outskirts of the Cessnock CBD in Dowlan Lane.  The path then follows Koree Street to Maitland Road.  From Maitland Road the path connects to Manning Park via Henderson Avenue, Ferguson Street, Blackwood Avenue and Newton Avenue.  From the northern end of Manning Park the path connects to Allandale Road via Lee Ann Crescent, Drain Oval and Dover Street.  The path then follows Wine Country Drive north to Lomas Lane.

Bridges hill to wine country path map.png


The project is being funded by the State Government under the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program and by Cessnock City Council

Scope of Work

The total length of the shared path is 5.3km.  Construction of the path will be undertaken in seven stages.  The width of the path is 2.5m and it will be constructed in concrete.  The path project also includes the installation of a footbridge across Black Creek in Henderson Avenue and across Bellbird Creek at the northern end of Manning Park.  Pedestrian refuges are planned for Maitland Road, Ferguson Street, Allandale Road and Wine Country Drive.


Updated November 2023

Just over 3.0km of new shared path has now been constructed.  Following the opening up of footbridges, the path now provides pedestrian and cyclist connectivity to Manning Park and Drain Oval.  The path in Dowlan Lane is now complete and a section on Wine Country Drive to the Calvary Retirement Village has been completed.

Council is working with TfNSW on designs and construction plans for a refuge crossing on Allandale Road, Maitland Road and on Wine Country Drive at Fleming Street.  Approvals for works on these State Roads is expected in the coming months.

Designs and construction drawings for the path north of Fletcher Street are nearing completion, however, increasing material prices and construction costs may impact the original scope of works for Wine Country Drive section of the path project.

Updated 5 July 2023

Two footbridges have now been installed on the Bridges Hill Park to Wine Country Drive shared pathway route.  One over Bellbird Creek in Manning Park and the other over Black Creek in Henderson Avenue.  Construction of path connections to each of these two footbridges is currently underway.

Works commenced on upgrading the path in Wine Country Drive between Allandale Road and Kerlew Street, however they have been suspended until an alternate contractor or delivery method is determined.  The upgrading of the road surface in Dowlan Lane to create a shared pedestrian and traffic zone is expected to be completed by November.

Designs for the section of path in Wine Country Drive, between Fleming Street and Lomas Lane are currently being prepared.  Other works in the detailed design phase include pedestrian refuges on Maitland Road and Allandale Road. 


Updated 8 December 2022

Construction of the shared path as been completed in the following locations:

  • Wine Country Drive between Kerlew Street and Fleming Street,
  • Dover Street between Allandale Road and Drain Oval
  • Lee Ann Crescent between Drain Oval and Bellbird Creek
  • Manning Park
  • Koree Street, Maitland Road, Henderson Avenue, Blackwood Avenue and Newton Avenue.

2.4km of shared path has been constructed. Over the next month a pedestrian refuge in the middle of Ferguson Street will be constructed and a small bridge structure will be installed on the eastern side of Drain Oval. Construction of a footbridge in Henderson Avenue over Black Creek and in Manning Park over Bellbird Creek is expected to be completed by May 2023. Designs for the section of path in Wine Country Drive between Fleming Street and Lomas Lane are being developed.

Updated October 2022

Construction of an 850 metre section of the path on Wine Country Drive between Kerlew Street and Fleming Street is completed and now in use. Construction of a 300 metre section of path in Dover Street has also been completed. Construction works on the path across Drain Oval are on hold until the ground dries out. In the meantime, construction has commenced on the section of the path in Lee Ann Crescent. Construction of path in Koree Street is expected to commence in mid November.