New Yango Creek Road Bridge enhances accessibility and safety

Published on 19 May 2023

Cessnock City Council is pleased to announce the successful completion of the replacement works for the Yango Creek Road Bridge in Wollombi. This essential infrastructure project ensures improved access for residents, visitors, and businesses while enhancing transportation efficiency in the region.

The previous timber bridge had been operating with a reduced load limit and was susceptible to being submerged during flood events, with the potential to isolate parts of the local community.

Cessnock City Council Mayor Jay Suvaal said the new two-lane concrete bridge has been strategically designed to address these challenges and account for the diverse needs of the area's economy.

"The completion of the Yango Creek Road Bridge replacement is a significant milestone for the Wollombi community," said Clr Suvaal.

"This new bridge not only enhances accessibility, but reinforces our commitment to investing in the region to support economic growth. The new bridge facilitates improved transportation in the local area and supports agriculture operations, as well as the local tourism industry.

“The replacement bridge has been raised to provide increased clearance and improved flood resilience, mitigating the risk of isolation for the community in times of severe weather."

The project also involved several key features that contribute to the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of the area, including new road approaches, fencing, drainage systems, erosion and sediment control measures, retaining structures, pedestrian pathways, landscaping, as well as new signage and lighting.

This project received funding from the Federal Government's Bridges Renewal Program and the NSW Government's Disaster Relief Funding.


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