Advisory committees

Our Advisory Committees provide strategic guidance and recommendations to the elected council. They are a key function for enabling public participation in decision making with committee members comprising of representatives from the community, stakeholder groups and Council (including elected Councillors).

The following Advisory Committees have been established by the elected Council:

  1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee
  2. Dollar for Dollar Grants Committee
  3. Strategic Property and Community Facilities Committee
  4. Audit and Risk Committee (statutory committee*)
  5. Floodplain Management Committee (statutory committee*)
  6. Local Traffic Committee (statutory committee*)
  7. Roads Review Committee
  8. Town Coordinators Review Committee
  9. Cultural Facilities Committee

*Statutory Committees 

Statutory Advisory Committees are governed by external guidelines which are embedded in their own Terms of Reference.  Although the role of such committees is mainly advisory, they may have authority to perform some additional functions as allowed by their governing legislation.

How do I become a member of an Advisory Committee?

Council will advise of nominations on this page as vacancies become available.