Plans and strategies

Plans and strategies outline the long term directions Council has adopted for the future progress of the City.

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Cessnock City Council community’s asset include 123 open spaces, 9 cemeteries, 7 swimming pools, and infrastructure that provides a service to those who frequent these locations (BBQ's, seats, picnic tables).

The plans define the services to be provided, how the services are provided and what funds are required to provide the services.

Branxton Sub Regional Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan

The Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan has been jointly prepared by Cessnock City Council and Singleton Council to guide the future development of the sub region through a period growth and change. 

It sets out considerations for specific areas and an indicative program to guide the servicing and release of lands in the coming years.

Branxton Town Centre Masterplan

The Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan is accompanied by a Masterplan for the Branxton Town Centre. The Masterplan details the planning and design guidelines for Branxton's Town Centre.

It aims to support Branxton's transition from a highway town to a local centre.

Branxton Public Domain Plan and Implementation Plan

A vision for Branxton's Town Centre was composed by the community during the preparation of the Land Use Strategy and Structure Plan and the Town Centre Masterplan.

The Public Domain Plan and Implementation Plan was developed to help achieve that vision for Branxton. It includes specific actions and provide greater details for public domain works.

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