BorrowBox contains a fantastic selection of eBooks and audiobooks with super quick downloads. Search for fiction or non-fiction by audience or browse by category to limit your search. 

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User guide

To access BorrowBox:
  1. If you don't know your PIN/password for your library account please use the 'Forgot your Password' function on the log in page
  2. Visit BorrowBox or download the app from App Store or Google Play to install on your device.
  3. Select your library service
  4. Activate with your library card number (e.g. P030*******) and your password/PIN.
  5.  To read via your laptop or eReader, download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your PC. Downloaded eBooks will appear in your downloads folder. You can copy and paste the file into ADE.

  6. Start borrowing free eBooks and eAudiobooks:
  • Select the item you would like to borrow, then tap ‘Borrow’. eBooks will download quite quickly. eAudiobooks will have small counter below the picture of the item to the bottom right. Both eBooks and eAudiobooks can be read/listened to via the BorrowBox app.
  • eAudiobooks can be downloaded to your PC as a zipped file. To listen to your eAudiobook, extract the files and transfer them to your preferred device. 

Please note the following: Maximum of 10 eBooks and 10 eAudio loans (for a total of 20 items within the app). Loan period is 20 days. Reservations are included in your loan count.

Accessibility features:

Adjustable font size: When you have an eBook open, press the AA button on the bottom-left. This will open a menu which includes a Font Size option. Press the larger A to make the font larger, or the smaller A to make it smaller.

Dyslexic-friendly font: When you have an eBook, open, press the AA button on the bottom-left. This will open a menu which includes a Fonts option. Select the current font for a list of options, and select Dyslexic to switch to the dyslexic-friendly font.

Adjustable audio speed: When you have an eAudiobook open, you will see a 1.0x Speed option at the bottom-left. Selecting this will offer options between 0.5 and 3.0 speed, to suit your needs.