3D scanning & printing at Cessnock Library

3D printing 2.jpg

Cessnock City Library provides a staff mediated 3D scanning and printing service to Cessnock City Library members.

Cost of printing please refer the Council's schedule of Fees and Charges.

To scan:

  • Submit your item for scanning with a document listing your contact details
  • Minimum scan size 30mm x 30mm x 30mm
  • Maximum scan size 150mm x 150mm x 140mm
  • Maximum weight of scanned item 5kg

To print:

  • Choose your design from Thingiverse, TinkerCadGale Interactive, or other website and select an item that meets our print criteria (see Conditions of Service)
  • Maximum print time is seven hours. Dimensions of objects for 3D print must be no larger than 15cm width x 15cm depth x 14cm height
  • Save the .stl file to a USB
  • Save a word document with your contact details to the USB
  • Bring your USB Cessnock Library's front desk
  • Cost to be paid before print job can commence
  • By submitting a 3D file for printing you acknowledge and accept these Conditions of Service (see below)


Conditions of Service

1. The Borrower submitting a 3D file for printing is responsible for ensuring the model is error free. Cessnock City Library Service accepts no responsibility for the design, creation or storage of any 3D file. The Library is not at fault for any printing defects. Library staff are not responsible for any damage to the item during removal from the build plate. The Borrower is responsible for removing any supports and smoothing rough edges.

2. All Borrowers must comply with the Copyright laws of Australia.

3. Library staff are unable to assist with designing objects or the use of design software.

4. The 3D printer is restricted to staff use only. 3D print jobs will be queued for approval and printing. A Borrower submitting a file must:

  • Provide the 3D file in STL format on a USB with word document listing their contact details
  • Ensure the file is error free and ensure the print job is the correct size
  • Pay for the cost of printing upon collection of item/s

5. If the 3D software detects errors in the file, the Borrower is responsible for correcting the errors before the print job can start.

6. Cessnock City Library Service reserves the right to refuse production of any content at any time. Examples include, but are not limited by:

  • Content that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • Content that may be construed as having intent to harm.
  • Content that incorporates sexually explicit material, or infringes upon the safety and security of minors.

7. By submitting content for printing, the Borrower agrees:

  • To assume all responsibility for the model including its design, the quality of the final product and its use.
  • Cessnock City Library will not under any circumstances be held liable for any matters related to patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials, any damage resulting from the use and/ or application of a completed model.
  • Cessnock City Library Service is not responsible for any damage, loss, or security of data arising from the use of its computers or network, nor for the functionality or quality of content produced on the 3D printer.

8. No refunds. Print requests will be completed and ready for collection within 5 working days (excluding Saturdays) of the receipt of an error free file. Borrowers will be notified when their print job has been completed. The Library will hold print jobs for 10 working days for collection.

10. The Library will supply the PLA filament used for printing. One PLA colour per print job. PLA colour depends on Library supply. The Library’s 3D printer is only compatible with PLA filament.