Kitchen Scraps Gardening


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Growing your own plants from kitchen scraps is easy, lots of fun— and a great way to teach your adults about re-using and recycling! So, grab those old and tired veges from the bottom of the fridge, gather some jars and shallow bowls, and find a sunny window sill—here are            instructions for a few of them!  You’ll need to keep an eye on their  water—the ones in shallow water will need changing every day.


CARROTS: Cut the top off, place the top in 1/2 inch of water in a shallow dish, and place in a sunny spot—change the   water daily. New, green tops should begin to grow in a matter of days.  You can use these greens in salads, or you can  allow the roots to keep growing until it’s ready to be planted in the ground.


LETTUCE:  Cut the top section of your lettuce off, keeping a couple of inches  or so of the bottom section—place it in a shallow dish in an inch of water and enjoy watching the new leaves sprout from the middle!


ONION: Grab your onion, fill a glass bottle with water, and place your onion on top, with the root section just touching the water— just watch those roots and shoots grow! Again, you can use the greens in salads and cooking.


MINT: There are lots of herbs you can regrow this way, including basil and oregano— fill a jar with water, take a piece of the stem (about 10cm in length), and pop it in the jar, making sure the leaves are above water level—roots should soon start to appear, then you can plant your herb in the garden or a pot—a herb in a pot makes an excellent gift!


There are many different ways of gardening with your scraps—just look up Kitchen Scraps Gardening on the internet and you’ll amazed what you can regrow!