Hogwarts Potions Class


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Gather up your magical ingredients and create these two potions - you’ll need a measuring cup, spoons, a rubber glove, and jars for your potions. Problems with supply means we’ve had to substitute muggle ingredients (in brackets) for the magical ones—but do your best!

SWELLING SOLUTION: Draco and Goyle were splashed with some of this in Potions class, with devastating results—we’ll be using a rubber glove to demonstrate its powers!

YOU WILL NEED: A large jar, a rubber glove, and the        following ingredients:


1 tspn Dried Nettle (any dried herbs )

3 Pufferfish Eyes ( any small lollies)

50ml Belladonna (Vinegar)

1 tspn Bat Spleen (Bicarb Soda)

Place your Belladonna (vinegar), Dried Nettle (dried herbs) and Pufferfish Eyes (small lollies) into your jar.  Carefully place 1 tspm of bat spleen in your glove, making sure to shake it all the way into the   fingers. Mutter the incantation “Engorgio!”, place the glove over the mouth of your jar, and, ensuring that your glove is firmly secured around the mouth of the jar, gently shake the bat spleen into the other ingredients in the jar—your swelling potion should take effect on your glove!


POLYJUICE POTION: In the Chamber of Secrets, Harry and Ron use this potion to transform into Crabbe and Goyle—make up your own batch, and watch as it goes through its own transformations!

YOU WILL NEED: A large jar, a stirrer, and a bowl to catch possible overflow— place the jar in the bowl.


1 tspn Fluxweed (Green jelly crystals and bicarb soda)

100ml Belladonna (Vinegar)

Horn of Bicorn (Ice cubes made of red cabbage juice &       bicarb soda—pre-prepare this—see recipe to the right)

1 pinch Boomslang skin (dried seaweed, crushed)

Pour the Belladonna into your jar,  and add a pinch of Boomslang skin.  Add  3-4 pieces of Horn of Bicorn  and   gently stir—is your potion changing colour?                                                                                               

Now add  your  final ingredient—  a tspn of Fluxweed.  This should cause a wonderful bubbling up of  your potion!                                                                                                       


*HORN OF BICORN                                                          I

NGREDIENTS: 1/2 red cabbage, water, bicarb soda.

Chop up cabbage into small pieces –place in a   saucepan and cover with water.  Bring to a boil then turn off the heat and let sit  until cool. Pour the     cabbage mixture through a strainer—grab the liquid, and add enough bicarb soda to it to turn it blue- green—you’ll need at least 2 tbspns.  Pour into an ice cube tray and  freeze.