• Level 2 Water Restrictions

    As a region we're experiencing the lowest water levels in our dams in over two decades. Level 2 water restrictions apply to all properties connected to Hunter Water's water supply network in the Cessnock Local Government Area.

    Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Dungog and small parts of Singleton.View a map of our area of operations

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Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance

If you are unsure if your swimming pool complies, you may wish to apply for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance for a fee of $250 (includes 1 x re-inspection fee). Once the application has been received by Council, an officer will conduct an inspection of the swimming pool and barrier. If a non-compliance is identified, a Notice or Direction may be issued to require the pool and/or barrier to be brought into compliance with the Swimming Pools Act and relevant Australian Standards.Upon re-inspection and once all matters are compliant, a certificate of compliance will be issued. A Certificate of Compliance is valid for three years if the pool and barrier are maintained to the required standard.

Note: A swimming pool must be registered on the NSW State Swimming Pool Register before a certificate of compliance is able to be issued.

Tourist Accommodation (motels, backpackers, cabins etc) & Multi-Unit Premises

The Swimming Pools Act requires Council to undertake a mandatory swimming pool inspection program for tourist accommodation and multi-unit premises where a swimming pool is located at least every three years. While not mandatory, Council requests for these premises to obtain a swimming pool certificate of compliance and renew the certificate every three (3) years.

Properties to be Leased or Sold

Properties that are to be leased or sold that contain a swimming pool are required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance. More information can be found on our Buying, Selling or Renting page. To arrange an inspection please complete the attached form or call Customer Service on 4993 4100.

Fast Fact: Registering your pool is free online. Council charge $10 to register your pool on your behalf.