Upcycled Jewellery

Upcycled Jewellery.png

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Recycle discarded charging cables—weave a bracelet!

The Royal Sydney Botanic Garden website is full of fabulous ideas for kids to do these holidays—this is one of our favourites, but there’s heaps more—go to Create, Play, Go with Kids on their website!



Two old phone charging cables that no longer work (different colours if possible, but I know they’re mostly black!)

A couple of small rubber bands, or   ribbon or string—something to tie your cables together. 


1. Wrap one cable loosely around your wrist to create the circular shape of the bracelet. Secure the ends with one of your small rubber bands and remove it from your hand.

2. Tightly wrap or weave a second cord around the bracelet, and secure the ends. (I you want to try weaving, keep an eye out for the              instructional video that  will be posted on YouTube and Facebook during the holidays)

3. Secure the ends with the other small rubber band.

4. And voila! A very funky upcycled bracelet!