Make Your own Music!


Click here to print these instructions(PDF, 204KB)

Here are 3 musical instruments you can make with stuff you have lying around at home:

1. BOTTLE SHAKER: This is one of the easiest home made instruments—grab a small used plastic drink bottle, rinse it out and drain it, then fill it about 1/3 full of rice, pasta or chickpeas—or a mix of the 3—screw the lid back on and shake, shake, shake it out!

2. JAM LID GUITAR: If your house is anything like mine, there are always a few rubber bands lying around, plus empty jars waiting to be re-used.  Grab a jar lid and stretch 3 rubber bands of different sizes over it— secure the rubber bands with strong tape such as duct tape, and you have your own tiny guitar!

3. GLASS XYLOPHONE:  You’ll need 3 glasses or jars, plus water, plus a chopstick or  something similar to play your Xylophone. Pour a   little water into the first jar, then a bit more into the second jar, and so on.  Tap each glass or jar—do some sound lower and some sound higher?   Experiment with your water levels so that you have 3 different sounds—and you’re ready to play your  xylophone!  Add more glasses if you’re   feeling super creative.