DIY Care Package


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At the moment, we’re not able to see as many of our friends and family as we’d like—there are lots of other ways we can tell people we care about them, including giving them a box full of home made thoughtfulness.

So...first step is to find a small box—maybe decorate it with pictures of things that you know they like.

Here are a couple of ideas for things you can make to include in their box:

1. STRESS BALL: All you need for this is a balloon, some flour or rice, and a funnel, plus a bit of wool and googly eyes for decorating if you want.  Use the funnel to pour rice or flour into the balloon—don’t fill it all the way up—squeeze air out of the top of your      balloon, tie it up and you’re done! 


2.    FIZZY BATH SALTS:  You will need:

  A small jar

  1/2 cup Epsom saltPicture2.png

  1/2 cup Sea Salt

  1/3 cup Bicarb Soda

  Lavender Essential Oil


Mix Epsom salt, sea salt and bicarb soda together in a large bowl—add 10-20 drops of essential oil, and mix well.  Spoon into your small jar—you’ll be able to make a few jars full! Write a little note—”Add 1 tbspn for a relaxing bath.”


Other things you could pop in their box—a couple of teabags of their favourite tea, a pair of comfy socks, a handwritten list of all the things you love about them, a sleeping mask, maybe a couple of their favourite snacks—and anything else you think that they might enjoy. And there you have it— a hug in a box !