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Policies and Codes

Aerodrome / Airport

 Cessnock Airport Hangar Construction
 Cessnock Airport - Operational Policy & User Guidelines

Approvals & Development

 Bonding of Developing Works and Deferment of Contributions 
 Building Applications for Sandy Creek Road 
 Building Approval Conditions in Frederick Street, North Rothbury
 Building Approval Conditions for Land Fronting Harle Street, Abermain
 Building Approval Conditions for Land Fronting Unformed Roads, Heddon Greta
 Building Approval Conditions for Land Fronting Unmade Roads, Ellalong
 Building Approval Conditions for Land Fronting Unmade Roads, Wollombi
 Building Approval Conditions for Land Fronting Unmade Roads
 Building Line Policy 
 Conservation, Maintenance and Reuse of Historical Construction Material
 Development Applications Adjacent to Rear Lanes
 Development and Transfer of Crown Roads
 Heritage Policy
 Lodgement of a Development Application, Section 96 or Section 82A by a Council Official
 Lodgement of a Development Application, Section 96 or Section 82A by Council
 Placement of Clothing Recycling Bins Policy 
 Signage - Community Facilities  
 Signage - Vineyards 


 Advertising - Street Seats and Bus Shelters
 Asset Management Policy
 Bus Shelters Design 
 Naming of Council Assets 


 Cemetery Policy
 Cessnock City Hall of Fame Policy
 Community Access Policy 
 Library - Display of Community Notices and Exhibitions 
 Public Art Policy

Corporate Matters

 Council Crest & Logo - Design and use by other Organisations
 Customer Request Response System
 Media Policy
 Public Information Access Policy (GIPA)
 Recognition of Service for Retiring or Defeated Councillors 
 Social Media Engagement Policy  

Council Land & Buildings

 Public Liability Cover for Council Leased Property Policy
 Property Management Policy 
 Licenses - Hebburn Estate  

Donations / Grants

 Donations Policy
 Tidy Towns Dollar for Dollar Grants
 Tidy Towns Program


 Debt Collection of Rates and Sundry Debtors
 Hardship Policy
 Financing Internal Restricted Assets
 Investment Policy 
 Loan Borrowings
 Property Investment Policy
 Provision of Loans to Community & Sporting Organisations
 Related Party Disclosures

Governance & Risk Management

 Code of Conduct 
 Code of Meeting Practice
 Statement of Business Ethics 
 Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy
 Fraud & Corruption Control Strategy
 Major Capital Projects Governance
 Privacy Management Plan 
 Procurement Policy
 Public Interest Disclosure Policy
 Risk Management Policy

Planning & Environment

 Compliance and Enforcement Policy
 Fire - Control of Open Burning
 Flood Risk Management Policy
 Food Safety Policy 
 Parking Policy 
 Noise Complaints 
 Noxious Weeds Control
 Planning Agreement Policy
 Rewards - Vandalism and Rubbish Dumping
 Subdivisions - Natural Watercourses
 Voluntary House Raising Policy


 Pensioner Rebates
 Rates Subsidy to Community Organisations


 Advertising on Recreation Grounds
 Playground Policy
 Council Aquatic Centres - Child Supervision 
 Future Aquatic Facilities


 Contributions Levied for Kerb and Guttering Construction 
 Listing of Names for Use in Naming of Streets
 Haulage of Coal and Other Bulk Commodities
 Existing Unsealed Council Roads Policy
 Temporary Roadside Grazing Permits Policy


 Exemption of Domestic Waste Management Charges 
 Waste - Garbage Service Provision Days 
 Waste - Sydney Waste