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Items that are on public display or exhibition are outlined below. A hard copy of these documents can be inspected at Council's Customer Service Counter during business hours.

Development Applications

To view Development Applications on exhibition view via our Application Tracker, click on the 'Applications On Exhibition' link on the left hand side of the page located under  'Applications'.

Planning Proposals

Planning Proposal 18/2017/7: Reclassification and Rezone various properties at Aberdare, Cessnock, East Branxton and Kitchener - A Public Hearing was held on Thursday, 13 December 2018. A copy of the report detailing the outcomes of the Public hearing is available to view below: 

A copy of the exhibition details available here

Strategic Plans and Reports

Greta Central Park Masterplan on public exhibition until 9 September 2019.

Development Contributions

 There are currently no Development Contributions on exhibition. 

Development Control Plans

There are no Development Control Plans currently on exhibition. 

Committees and Community

There are no Community and Community Exhibitions currently open

Policies of Council

The proposed Unreasonable Customer Conduct Policy and Guidelines have been created to provide staff and the community with information on how Council will handle customers who behave unreasonably, set expectations and outline the process Council will follow when dealing with these situations.

These documents have been drafted inline with the NSW Ombudsman's Unreasonable Complainant Model Policy and Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Practice Manual 2nd Edition. The Policy and Guidelines will be on public exhibition for 28 days, commencing 8th August 2019.

All submissions and enquiries should be directed to Council's Governance Officer and:

Draft - Unreasonable Customer Conduct Policy

Draft - Unreasonable Customer Conduct Guidelines

Notification of Road Naming 

There are no Road Naming notifications currently on display