What's On


Items that are on public display or exhibition are outlined below. A hard copy of these documents can be inspected at Council's Customer Service Counter during business hours.

Development Applications

To view Development Applications on exhibition view via our Application Tracker, click on the 'Applications On Exhibition' link on the left hand side of the page located under  'Applications'.

Planning Proposals

18/2017/7 Planning Proposal: Reclassification andRezone various properties at Aberdare, Cessnock, East Branxton, and Kitchener is on exhibition until 14 September 2018.

Strategic Plans and Reports

There are currently no Strategic plans or reports on exhibition 

Committees and Community

Cessnock and Branxton Pool new Fees and Charges is on exhibition until 9 September 2018

Policies of Council

Policies currently no policies on public exhibition.