Thomas Street, North Rothbury

  • Project typeRoad Drainage Rehabilitation
  • Project scheduleJul 2021 - Sep 2021 (weather permitting)

Scope of work

The works include: 

  • Construction of underground trunk drainage infrastructure on the southern side of Thomas Street between Dai and Morgan Streets connecting to existing downstream drainage infrastructure at Huntlee
  • Construction of table drains and new drainage pits on the southern side of Thomas Street
  • Construction of new drainage pits at the southern extent of Dai and Morgan Streets


The planned works are located in Thomas Street, North Rothbury between Morgan and Dai Streets. 

Council’s Construction Coordinator will provide a letter box drop at least a week before commencing construction and advise the duration.

Map of North Rothbury drainage works

Traffic control

During the course of the works, there may be some minor traffic disruptions. Traffic control measures will be in place to minimise disruption. The Construction Team Leader will endeavour to keep residents advised of the timing and duration of these disruptions as the work proceeds.