Kline Street, Weston bridge replacement

  • Project typeBridge replacement
  • Project value$3,100,000
  • Project scheduleApril 2023 to May 2024
Old Bridge.jpg

Scope of works

Replacement of timber bridge with concrete bridge 1m higher, including construction of walkways on both sides. Construction of approaches to match new bridge height.

The reason for the new bridge is that many of the timber components in the existing bridge need replacing and it has become more economical to replace the whole bridge rather than replace the many timber components.

The project is being funded by Council along with grant funding from both the State Government and the Australian Government. 

The height of the new bridge will be 1m higher than the existing bridge.  This height increase will reduce the number of times the bridge is closed due to flooding.  The new bridge will have wider travel lanes and a wider footpath.  The increase in bridge height and width means that it will be necessary to rebuild the road between Swanson Street and Third Street.

Before the new bridge is constructed it will be necessary to relocate the gas main that is currently connected to the timber bridge and it will be necessary to relocate two power poles.  And of course it will be necessary to completely demolish the existing timber bridge.  

This project forms part of Council's Operational Plan. You can find it within the Operational Plan with the Project ID CBS-2018-005.  

Road Closure

Kline Street between Third Street and Swanson Street will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  The duration of the road closure is expected to be around 6 to 8 months.  During this period all traffic into and out of the western side of Swamp Creek in Weston will be required to divert via the bridge in Fourth Street.



Kline Street bridge.png



NSW Government Fixing Country Bridges Program - $1.75m
Australian Government Bridges Renewal Program - $0.65m
Cessnock City Council - $1.2m