Brunner Park, East Branxton

  • Project typePark upgrade
  • Project value$104,000
  • Project scheduleWorks commence: April 2021; Completed: June 2021
Brunner Park playground, East Branxton

Installation of a new playground in Brunner Park, East Branxton was completed in June 2021.

The new facility boasts state of the art play equipment including a 3 seater combo swing, sensory and sound area, rope balance unit, and a geoclimber. New features also include accessible pathways, softfall safety surfacing, park furniture and additional seating. 

The old playground had only a swing, slide and spring rider and was approximately 50 years old. 

Funding has been secured for the installation of a shade sail over the play area. Works are expected to commence on this final stage in July 2021.