Waste vouchers

Four waste vouchers are issued each financial year to all residential properties that receive a domestic waste service. Vouchers are attached to the first rates notice issued in July each year. Properties that pay for more than one service will receive their additional vouchers separately.  

Vouchers are sent out with the Council rates notice as they are funded from the Domestic Waste Management Charge paid by the property owner. Renters are encouraged to request vouchers from their landlord/property manager.

Each voucher is printed with a unique barcode and the property address. Proof of address (e.g. rates notice, driver’s licence or utilities bill) matching that on the voucher is required for use. 

Conditions of use

  • Vouchers are only valid for use at the Cessnock Waste Management Centre
  • Vouchers can only be used for domestic household waste
  • Each voucher can be used to dispose of up to 500kg of household waste
  • Loads over 500kg require additional vouchers or will be charged in accordance with Council's Fees and Charges
  • Vouchers cannot be used for disposing of mattresses, tyres or special waste such as asbestos
  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months
  • Vouchers must be presented at the time of disposal along with proof of address 
  • Replacement vouchers will not be issued under any circumstances

Please note: Resale of vouchers may result in the voucher being rendered void. The voucher system is designed to assist residents manage their domestic waste disposal responsibly. Abuse of this service, such as on-selling, may result in the system being withdrawn.

Commercial waste services cannot use the vouchers unless they are a Council approved business doing so on behalf of a resident who has applied for special provision based on age and/or disability. Find out more below. 

Waste voucher use - engaging a commercial contractor

Council has developed a process for all residents to pay an Approved Business to dispose of their bulk waste at Cessnock Waste Management Centre with the use of their annual waste vouchers.

The disposal fee is covered for up to 500kg of approved waste per voucher. The agreement/cost for removal and transport of waste is between the business and the voucher holder, Council hold no liability for the service, insurance or cost involved in the transaction.

Voucher holder conditions

Resident/voucher holder must:

  • Either be the property owner or resident of the address listed on the voucher
  • Nominate a Council approved business at the time of application to dispose of the waste on their behalf
  • Nominate the voucher number at the time of application
  • Surrender the nominated voucher to their nominated business when the waste is collected from the property
  • Include in the application a description of the waste to be collected e.g. old furniture, tree prunings etc.
  • Ensure that all waste is source separated e.g. recyclables, mixed waste, metals, large organics etc.

Other conditions:

  • One voucher is valid for 500kg. Any difference must be paid at the time of transaction by the nominated business or charged to the business account if applicable. No invoices will be raised for non-account holders.
  • No grass clippings will be accepted. These are to be disposed of via the lime lid organics bin. 
  • The agreement to dispose of waste is between the business and the voucher holder. Council holds no liability for the service, insurance or cost involved in the transaction.
  • Misuse or fraud of the system by either the resident or business may result in further applications being declined.

Business conditions

Businesses must:

  1. Be registered with an ABN
  2. Have a vehicle suitable to access the Transfer Station (access to the tip face will not be available when using a voucher) - Maximum size is 10m long x 3.2m wide.
  3. Complete online application form 
  4. Agree to follow all site conditions and directions of CWMC staff
  5. Agree that, if approved, your business details will be published on Council's website and other Council publications e.g. flyers so the public can contact your business to engage your services
  6. Acknowledge that Council holds no liability with any agreements or business interactions between the voucher holder and your business, including but not limited to payment or insurance.  

Onsite conditions for an Approved Business:

  1. You must be an approved business to transport waste on behalf of an eligible voucher holder 
  2. The approved/nominated business must follow all voucher, site conditions and directions of waste center staff
  3. All waste must be source separated e.g. recyclables, mixed waste, metals, large organics in a vehicle that is suitable to access the transfer station (no access to tip face) and hand unloaded (no tipping)
  4. No grass clipping will be accepted as these should be disposed of via the kerbside organics bin
  5. Residents approval letter and original voucher must be presented to staff when entering the site
  6. One voucher is valid for 500kg and difference must be paid at the time of transaction by business account
  7. The agreement to dispose of waste is between the business and the voucher holder - Council holds no liability for the service or cost involved in the transaction.

List of approved businesses

Business name Contact person  Contact number
All Purpose Earthworks Nathan Griffiths 0459 905 217
Allira House Inc Sharyn Borg 0421 558 827
Barrier Home Improvements Darrel McAllister 0426 254 300
Bigg Daddy Industries Kimberly 0428 548 780
Cam Property Maintenance Hunter Valley Craig McEwan 0473 508 359
Catered Support Richard McQuade
0400 460 029
Coalfields Mowing Braiden Dean 0423 409 067
Coalfields Small Engine Repairs Shaun Dean 0431 648 932
Cuttin' Edge Lawn Maintenance Jamie Fulton 0423 431 049
Ed's Property Maintenance Ed Stedman 0419 444 005
Elly's Property Services Ian Elly 0449 223 675
Greenline Grass and Landcare Services Mark Josephson 0410 632 322
Iron Bark Services Andy Wallace 0400 788 020
M&M Home Maintenance Emma-Lee Lewis 0466 044 876
Peter David Oliveira Pete Oliveira 0421 123 166
Running Repairs Handyman Services Ross Timbs  0402 109 423 
Troy's Lawncare Troy Tiernan 0439 981 070
 The Tradies Admin Assistance Rebecca Lewis 0428 690 066
 JBS Lawn Services John Blackham 0473 403 477
 Youmatta PTY LTD David Williamson 0479 119 173

Click here for resident waste voucher forms.



  • residents can apply for this provision here
  • Commercial operators can apply to become an Approved Business here

If you have any questions about the use of annual waste vouchers, or if you are unable to submit an online form, please contact Council's Customer Relations team on 02 4993 4100.

Why don't Council offer kerbside bulk waste collection?

Modelling undertaken in the last couple of years estimated that providing kerbside bulk waste collection across the Cessnock LGA would increase the Domestic Waste Management charge by approximately $120 per year. Community consultation on bulk waste service options, undertaken most recently in 2019, resulted in 56% of respondents preferring the voucher system to a kerbside bulk waste collection option.