Disposal of asbestos waste

Need to dispose of asbestos at the Cessnock Waste Management Centre (CWMC)? Read the following important safety information to reduce the likelihood of asbestos related diseases: 

Protecting our community and staff

For residential and commercial disposal of asbestos: 

  • Residents can only remove of up to 10m2 of bonded asbestos from properties. You will need to contact a licensed asbestos removalist for removal of a larger quantity of asbesos material. 
  • For 10m2 or less, please contact the CWMC on (02) 4993 4366 at least 24 hours prior to disposal. Bookings can be made between 9am - 11:30am and 1pm - 3:30pm. You will need to provide some basic load information including:
    • source of asbestos;
    • type of asbestos;
    • size of the load;
    • contact details; and
    • transporter information.
  • Please wet down the asbestos at the source of origin. Double wrap all asbestos waste in at least 200 micron plastic and seal with a heavy duty duct tape
  • It is essential to make sure your load is securely loaded and covered for your journey to the CWMC - failing to do so is an offence.
  • Present your load for inspection to landfill operational staff.
  • Carefully unload all asbestos waste to prevent stirring up or generating dust

Please note:  All asbestos loads in excess of 100kg and/or 10m2 (whichever is less) must be registered with the NSW EPA. For further information please see the NSW EPA website on tracking asbestos and waste locate. 


Asbestos waste will be charge at the advertised Special Waste Rates for the applicable financial year. For more information, see Council's Fees and Charges.(PDF, 2MB)

Where asbestos wastes are mixed with other waste, the entire load will be charged at the rate for asbestos.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply with asbestos waste requirements is an offence under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014.

You will be refused disposal if asbestos waste is not brought to site safely.