Parking enforcement

Parking in Cessnock CBD

A number of free and untimed parking spaces are available in Cessnock CBD, with convenient pedestrian access to local businesses. 

Drivers are reminded of their obligation to comply with the Road Rules when driving and parking and to be mindful of pedestrians in these areas.

Cessnock CBD parking map

Map of Cessnock CBD car parking

Parking restrictions

Cessnock City Council manages parking restrictions on regional and local roads

Designated parking areas and time restrictions are used to help regulate parking to ensure vacant spaces are available. Restrictions encourage:

  • pedestrian safety

  • passenger safety during pick-up or drop-off

 If you drive or ride a vehicle, please be aware of parking restrictions and how to follow them correctly

Parking Enforcement

We aim to achieve a balance between public safety and traffic flow in the management of vehicle parking throughout our local government area.

Some examples of illegal parking include:

  • school zones
  • overstaying posted time limits
  • where there are 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' signs
  • on public reserves
  • across driveways
  • on nature strips or footpaths
  • not in the direction of travel

Infringements apply for parking illegally.

For more information, read the Parking Rules Guide or the Road Rules on the NSW Government website.

Vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of over 4.5 tonnes or vehicle that exceed 7.5m in overall length - must not stop on a length of road in a built-up area for longer than 1 hour. 

Pay a parking infringement

Cessnock City Council cannot accept payment for a parking infringement.

Infringements must be paid to Revenue NSW. To pay an infringement, see the procedure on the reverse of your penalty notice or view the payment options offered by Revenue NSW.

You need the penalty notice number (at the top of your infringement) to pay a penalty. 

Contest a parking infringement

Council cannot discuss or review an infringement.

All enquiries or objections relating to parking infringement must be made to Revenue NSW. To contest a fine, see the procedure on the reverse of your penalty notice or request a review online.

Conducting the review process through Revenue NSW prevents any potential conflict of interest with Council and staff.