Funding secured to manage the East Cessnock Flying-fox Camp

Published on 02 October 2020

Flying-fox pictured.

Cessnock City Council has been successful in securing $30,000 in grant funding from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).


The funding enables Council to undertake actions identified in the Cessnock Flying- Fox Camp Management Plan that will assist in managing some of the impacts of the East Cessnock Camp, which is predominantly located on Crown Land. 


Council will undertake bush regeneration works to encourage the flying-foxes to roost in the centre of the camp and further away from nearby homes. The bush regeneration could alleviate some of the impacts experienced for those residents living in closest proximity to the camp.


Council’s Acting Director of Planning and Environment Martin Johnson said Crown Lands have agreed to the bush regeneration in the interior of the camp.


“Council has taken a proactive role in trying to manage the land with the development, adoption and implementation of Council’s Camp Management Plan, which was first adopted back in 2016 and was revised earlier this year.”


“Previously Council has offered assistance to residents in the form of subsidies and will continue to look for more opportunities to alleviate the impacts of camp on the local community.”


The East Cessnock Camp is home to the Grey-headed Flying-fox which is listed as vulnerable under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, and the Little Red Flying-fox.

For more information and to view the Plan visit Council’s website.

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