Fosters Bridge replacement

  • Project typeBridge replacement
  • Project scheduleExpected to be completed by June 2020
Image of new Fosters Bridge in July 2020

Fosters Bridge is located on Sandy Creek Road at Mount Vincent approximately 4.7 km from Leggett’s Drive. The road connects Mount Vincent in the east to Ellalong, Paxton and Millfield in the West at Wollombi Road. The road is an important tourist and transport route that is currently restricted due to a load limit on Fosters Bridge and also due to very limiting road geometry.

Fosters Bridge was a four span timber girder bridge that deteriorated due to time, more traffic and weathering. The bridge load limit was set at 20 tonne in October 2014 after repair works. Fosters Bridge has now been replaced with a two lane bridge that has:

  • open load capacity
  • compliant bridge safety barriers
  • improved alignment geometry

Road approach now complete, design works are in progress for approximately 1km of roads each side of Fosters Bridge with works to commence early October.

This project is funded from the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Program.