Cessnock CBD to Bridges Hill Park - Shared Pathways Project

  • Project typeShared pathway design and construction
  • Project value$1.5m
  • Project scheduleMar 2021 - TBD


In June 2016, Council adopted the Cessnock Cycling Strategy as the long term strategy for developing cycle friendly facilities in the Cessnock LGA. The aim of the Strategy is to assist in achieving the desired outcomes of the Cessnock 2023 Community Strategic Plan. 

In October 2020, Council received more than $1.5 million from the NSW Government under the Active Transport Grant to help deliver the Cessnock CBD to Bridges Hill Park – Shared Pathways Project. 

The project will provide a safe passage for both pedestrians and cyclists looping Cessnock CBD, connecting to 2 public schools, a youth outreach centre, 3 sporting complexes, and a major community recreational park, culminating in a highly beneficial and desirable walking and cycling facility. 


The pathway will connect Cessnock CBD to Bridges Hill Park (per the below map) and involve works along: 

  • Cumberland Street
  • Bridges Street
  • Mayfield Street
  • Aberdare Road
  • Quarrybylong Street
  • Cooper Street
  • Millfield Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Koree Street
  • Dowlan Lane



Council has received more than $1.5 million under the NSW Government's Active Transport Grant to help deliver this project.

Scope of work

The current proposed works include:

  • Investigation, survey and detailed design
  • Construction of more than 3km of 2.5m wide shared pathway
  • Construction of pedestrian refuges, shared zones and associated infrastructure