Weston Bears Park Draft Masterplan

Submissions closed on 22 June 2020, 05:00 PM

Image of Weston Bears park


We have developed a Draft Masterplan for Weston Bears Park to provide a vision for the future development and character of the site. The key highlights in the Draft Masterplan include:

  • replacement of the main turf football field with a synthetic surface
  • expansion of the existing training field to the east of the site to a full sized football field
  • new amenities building to cater for junior and senior football
  • additional spectator seating
  • new storage facility
  • floodlighting upgrades
  • new sealed carpark

Creating dynamic and engaging sportsground precincts is part of our commitment to a Sustainable and Healthy Environment, a key theme in the Cessnock 2027 Community Strategic Plan.(PDF, 1MB)

It meets the Delivery Program(PDF, 1MB) Objective 3.2 'Better utilisation of existing open space' which incorporates the following sub-objectives:

  • 3.2.3 Continue to implement adopted masterplans for Council’s recreation and community facilities and spaces; and 
  • 3.2.4 Provide and maintain recreation facilities, streetscapes and public open space.

If adopted, the works will be completed in stages. Partnerships with user groups, grant funding and S7.11 developer contributions, where appropriate, will support the implementation of the Masterplan.

About Weston Bears Park

Weston Bears Park is located at 3 Government Road, Weston. It is home to the Weston Bears Football Club, a Newcastle Premier League club, and is utilised daily for football (soccer). The site currently contains a full sized football field, training ground and grandstand with amenities. 



A Masterplan provides a vision for the future development of an area or site.

Representatives from the following organisations were consulted:

  • Weston Bears Football Club
  • Weston Junior Football Club
  • Weston Workers Club

The adopted works will be completed in stages, as funding becomes available. Partnerships with user groups, grant funding and S7.11 developer contributions, where appropriate, will support the implementation of the Masterplans.

Weston Bears Park contains Endangered Ecological Communities (EEC). The Masterplan has identified these EEC’s in order to further protect them. Opportunities exist to enhance the existing vegetation to provide increased habitat and improve habitat quality.

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