Blog: Coronavirus – Learning to adapt and accept

Published on 07 January 2021

Photo of steaks, sausages, tomatoes and kebobs cooking on a barbecue

There has always been some level of community concern about the cleanliness of refillable/reusable containers, which has increased because of the Coronavirus epidemic. If you are interested in avoiding waste, this has made the journey a little bit more challenging.

I recently bought a new set of Pyrex glassware with the intention of taking it to the butchers to avoid plastic bags. It had been on the long ‘to do’ list for many months but finally I was shopping and saw the glass storage containers reduced to half price. They were 1.5L, so perfect to fill with mince, chicken or a little beef.

I asked three different butchers whether they would be happy to fill my containers if I came into buy meat. All three said ‘no’. The fourth butcher I contacted was more than happy to fill my containers and said he has several customers who also bring their own containers. I've visited him a few times now. I like the fact I don’t have to dispose of smelly plastic bags full of meat residue. The butcher is very obliging and goes out of his way to tare the scales and make sure everything is correct. I find his mince a little fatty for my liking but you can’t have everything! 

It is a challenging time to avoid waste but I believe it's important to keep trying. It's all about changing one behavior at a time. Do your best and push yourself a little (so you do not fall back into the trap of modern highly packaged conveniences) but accept when it just doesn’t work because of timing or other factors.

Check out Lifehacker for more information about the impact of Coronavirus on waste generation. 


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