Environmental Lands Study

Ongoing consultation

Image of an environmentally significant landscape

The Environmental Lands Study will seek to identify lands of high environmental value in consultation with the local community and develop an environmental zoning framework for the future. It will:

  • identify and document the environmental values of land within the Cessnock Local Government Area;
  • ensure that environmental zones are appropriately applied, reflecting the true environmental value and importance of the environmental attribute;
  • ensure adequate protection of environmentally significant lands and areas of high biodiversity;
  • ensure that Council is applying NSW legislation as intended;
  • recommend environmental zone objectives, land uses and lot sizes for inclusion in the Cessnock Local Environment Plan; and
  • Develop environmental zone principles and criteria to guide the future application of environmental zones.

This is your chance to help identify lands of environmental significance and contribute to the way we will apply and zone environmental lands in the future.

Any recommendations developed will be considered for implementation through the comprehensive Local Environment Plan planning proposal process. There will be further opportunities to raise any issues before any recommendations are adopted.

The Study directly supports the Cessnock 2027 Community Strategic Plan Objective 3.1 Protecting and enhancing the natural environment and the rural character of the area.

How to get involved

There'll be a number of ways to participate throughout the Study. See below for current opportunities.

Image of the Study life map

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Community values survey

Help us understand community views by completing a short survey. This survey closes 13 December 2020.

Interactive map

Show us places that are environmentally important to you and tell us why via our interactive map.

Community reference groups

The community reference groups will provide advice, direction and guidance in the development of the Environmental Lands Study. There are four community reference groups covering the following distinct landscapes:(JPG, 695KB)

  • Southern Group (including Wollombi and surrounds);
  • Northern Group (including Vineyards District, Branxton, Greta and Cessnock);
  • Central Group (including Millfield, Mulbring and Brunkerville); and
  • Eastern Group (including Kurri Kurri, Buchanan, Black Hill, Buttai and Cliftleigh).

Nominations have now closed.